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"How To Get More Spa Business Than Your Competition In 1 Month With These Ideas"

There is not a person on this planet that does not enjoy being pampered! Even in this down economy people still make the time to treat themselves good because of the large amount of stress that we all now feel. But lately there has been several spas out there that are suffering, they just don’t know how to get people to come through the door! If you’re one of them, don’t worry we got you covered with some Spa ideas.

Okay, so first of all, you have to ask yourself where to all my customers spend most of their time? Is it in the gym? Then you could look up some local gyms in your area and create a joint venture offering some sort of attractive discount/deal to their members.

Do your potential prospects spend most of their time at work? You bet ya! The average person spends 35-45 hours per week at their job! So why don’t you contact some of these corporate organizations and offer something special to their employees. That would be a great idea! It would also make the company look like a hero to their employees by offering a spa special, it shows the company cares for their employees and gives the message of " Hey, why don’t you do something special for yourself"!

Now let’s get into some real effective spa marketing! The internet, people go to the internet now more than ever and it only continues to grow. People today are doing more searches on Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find local businesses for their needs and wants. Are you on the front page of Google or any other search engine?

Go ahead and take a look… when you type your city and the word "spa"…what do you see? You probably see that your competition is already taking advantage of the marketing tactic because it’s so effective! Think about it, people go to the internet to find a spa they want to enjoy, this is attraction marketing at its best!

These are people whom are ready to pick up the phone and book an appointment with credit card in hand! It is such a strong idea for your Spa business to get your website listed on the front page of Google because ultimately you are putting yourself in front of buyers for your service!

Okay, so there are many spa ideas for business, we covered Joint Ventures with other businesses and taking advantage of the buyers that are already wanting what you have by being on the front page of the Internet. So how do you do it?

Well, it’s simple, you let us do it for you. Are specialty is Internet marketing and we help spas just like yours become an authority figure online for your local area! We will get you on the front page of the Internet and not only that, we’ll be sure to get you high rankings so you get the most traffic and buyers to your website.

Just give us a call: 407-279-0162

Oh, by the way, we are offering a special as well for a FREE customized Facebook Fan Page! $397 Value!

After all Facebook is another Spa idea to get more business and social media is a strong tool to use as well and we want you to have that advantage!

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