SEO Prices

SEO is very different than your typical YellowPages, Newspaper or Magazine ads.

WHY? Because in those advertising mediums all they do is copy your business information or content and simply paste it on paper. Yet they charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a simple transaction like that.

SEO takes man hours and promotion of your website, there is no copy and paste process here. Remember we are altering the Internet (search engines) so that you get people actually looking for your service or product to your website. Some of the most highly targeted potential customers.

To hire someone full time as an employee can cost you anywhere from $35,000- $50,000 for paying a salary depending on how good the marketer is and this does not include any benefits or health insurance you may offer.

Why pay out another salary when you can outsource the work to us for much cheaper.

SEO investment really varies depending on:

-How many keywords (cities/towns) you want your website ranking for

-Whether you want a Global presence or Local

-and the competition of those keywords you want to rank for

There are no separate package deals or hidden charges for Press Releases or Articles or Links. We do what ever it takes to help you achieve high rankings in the Search Engines, beating your competition and giving you all the potential new customers.

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