SEO For Chiropractors

SEO for chiropractors is a very effective strategy but you do have to be creative. Let me explain, one of the best marketing tactics you can deploy is offer something that other chiropractors are not offering.

Offer them something for free or a service for free or with a discount.But, the issue is that there are rules and regulations that chiropractors must follow and unfortunately those rules do have an effect on creating offers.

Chiropractic SEO works great for getting new patients and we suggest you create a joint venture with another local business that compliments your service and is not in competition with you.

I don’t see why you can’t offer a discount or freebie of some other person’s service or product in exchange for a new patient to book a consultation. You get the new patient and the other business also gets a new customer that they would have never had, it’s a win-win deal.

This is how you win the lions share of patients when you have a good SEO chiropractic presence. We currently work with a chiropractor in Central Florida who in their 3rd month grossed a little over $20,000 in revenue with P.I. patients and that is not including regular adjustment patients. The new patients was the result of SEO for their chiropractic website.

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