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Orlando Seo Company Helps Chiropractor Earn An Extra $11,370 In Customer Value With Top SEO Rankings And You Can Experience Your Own Positive Results Too…!


SEO = Being Placed In Front Of Buyers That Are Already Wanting & Searching For  Your Product Or Service Online Is Beyond Powerful…!

The Chiropractor we helped needed a way to attract more patients and saw that his competition was already taking advantage of being on the first page of Google. Every month he now gains new business and increases the revenue of his practice and has the opportunity to help more people suffering from pain. Below you’ll find out exactly how we can help you do the same and experience your own positive results…

Finding New Customers Can Be OVERWHELMING…!

Marketing and generating new customers for your business can be a daunting & expensive task. There’s always that doubt mixed with hope that your recent marketing campaign will work. And the thing is, the moment you stop marketing your business is when your business begins to die out…so we understand there’s some pressure holding you down!

Using a “Proven Attraction Marketing Strategy”

That is exactly what SEO is! Nobody is on the front page of Google by accident! If you take a quick look, you’ll see that even your competition is already there taking advantage of all those new customers…! These are people that are going online searching for your product or service…they are already sold on what you have to offer! They already want it…all you have to do is get in front of these people and educate them on why they should buy from you…which is really simple to do and we help you do that too!

( Please NOTE: That Roach Family Chiropractic is under Agreement to protect both parties interest in releasing this testimonial )

Case Study: Back to our chiropractor, Dr. Erik Roach of Roach Family Chiropractic, was eager to grow his practice and wanted to get in front of people searching for a chiropractor in the city of Altamonte Springs, FL. He understood that the internet was the future and the Yellow Pages were dying out! We began ranking him and giving him his online exposure… in fact, if you type any of the keyword phrases into Google you will find his website and pages (RoachChiro.com):


  • Altamonte Springs Chiropractor
  • Altamonte Springs Chiropractic
  • Altamonte Springs Chiropractor Neck Pain
  • Altamonte Springs Weight Loss
  • Altamonte Springs Fat Loss
  • Altamonte Springs Chiropractors
  • Altamonte Springs Back Pain Doctor
  • Altamonte Springs Spinal Decompression
  • Chiropractor Altamonte Springs FL
  • Chiropractor in Altamonte Springs
  • Chiropractor in Altamonte Springs Florida
  • Orlando Chiropractor
  • Maitland Chiropractic
  • Casselberry chiropractor
  • Lake Mary Chiropractic
  • Winter Park Chiropractic
  • Winter Park Chiropracto
  • Winter Park Back Pain
  • Winter Park Back Pain Doctor

orlando seo company


Now we’re helping him take over other cities…     The results were PHENOMENAL…! New patients began calling, revenue began to grow, adding an average of more than $11,000 of customer value per month to his practice and having his office website found everywhere online made him an Authority figure in his respected industry. Now, he recently decided to start taking over surrounding cities…and that is exactly what we’re doing!

Benefits When Choosing To Work With Us

  • No Upfront or Retainer Fees : That’s ridiculous…! you may have been pitched before that you need to pay a large upfront fee to do on-page optimization for your site when in fact that is the easiest part of what we do….it’s the back-linking/ promotion of your site that’s the tricky part…Either way, you’ll be saving yourself a good chunk of change…!
  • No Charging for Extra Articles : Creating articles and distributing them is a small part of SEO, while other companies charge extra for a certain amount of articles…(anywhere from $20-$30 per article) we charge you nothing extra as part of your SEO campaign….
  • No Charging for Extra Press Releases : Press Releases can give great exposure to your business and can sometimes get you in the News!  Again, other companies charge hefty fees for creating Press Releases…(reporters charge $1,000-$2,000…!)  We charge nothing and save you money as part of your SEO campaign…


  • No Charging for Extra Web 2.0 Back-links: I’m sure you’ve heard of the social media craze with Facebook, Squidoo, LinkedIn or other social sites…Yes, these sites are important for promotion as the Search Engines want to see that your website is being shared… we know exactly how to work these sites so you can be sure that your business website will be exposed to today’s culture…all part of your SEO campaign…


  • No Charging for Extra Blog Commenting: Blog Commenting is another aspect of getting high rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing… this part of SEO is very tedious and takes hours of manual work…We’ve invested in tools that help make this a breeze…which ultimately allows us to pass the savings on to you…all part of you SEO campaign…


  • No Agreement/Contract Option Available : Ever wonder why other SEO companies try and lock you into an agreement or contract?


  • If we’re producing results for you…would you really want to cancel working with us and then see us help your competition to outrank you???  We’re pretty confident we can deliver positive results for you…The only time we would ask for a signed agreement is if we use you for a testimonial or in our own marketing campaigns in order to protect both our interests…


  • So…In other words, We Do Whatever it takes to get you top rankings on the Internet so that you are found everywhere…Period!



Testimonial:     Here’s What Dr. Erik Roach Had To Say


Ron and his Internet Marketing team are the real deal! You can find my practice website for several keyword phrases, we even have patients that literally drive a little more than an hour to come see us! Having a strong Internet presence is extremely crucial in today’s business world and has added to the revenue that my practice brings in and has created some strong business contacts within my industry as well. If you’re looking for an affordable SEO service provider then I would strongly suggest you see what’s possible with Ron and his team. We grew to be good friends and he’s always the “go to guy” when it comes to Internet marketing stuff. Highly recommended.


Dr. Erik Roach
Roach Family Chiropractic

If you were to hire an internal SEO staff for your business…you would most likely be investing anywhere from $45k-$65k and that’s not including any benefits you may offer at your workplace…! Why go through that headache when you can easily outsource your SEO campaign to us for much , much, much less…! Obviously, we work on a first come first serve basis…once we begin working with a certain type of business in a city then we cannot take another client in the same industry for that location.

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